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COM 110: Communication as Critical Inquiry

This guide, developed specifically for students enrolled in COM 110 and COM 110.01, provides strategies and content for finding resources, introducing types of information, evaluating sources, and citing in APA.

Using Sources for your Persuative Speech

For your persuasive speech, you will need to dive deeper into a specific viewpoint for your chosen topic. You will also need to complete the Critical Reflection Annotated Bibliography.

We Recommend

Strategies for the Critical Reflection Annotated Bibliography

  1. Save your sources in the same folder on your computer. For cloud access, we recommend using your ISU OneDrive account.
  2. Takes notes on specific content you are using from each source. This will help with citing during your speech, too. Keep those in the same folder as your sources.
  3. Identify how the specific content of the source supports your perspective and why it is important for the overall argument you are trying to make. Keep that information in the same folder as your sources.