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*Introductory Guide for Grad Students

This guide is intended to help you be a successful graduate student at Illinois State University.

What to Know/Do First

Student ID

Do you have your Redbird ID Card? The office is in Bone Student Center, right off the plaza (across from Milner Library)

  • The Using your Redbird Card page provides information about adding money to your University accounts and where it is accepted
  • Use it to access Campus Recreation.
  • Your Redbird card allows you to commute for free using Connect Transit.

Central Login - the username (ULID) and password used to log into most protected sites within the University such as My IllinoisState, email, ReggieNet, Microsoft 365, and Milner Library.

ULID = University Login Identification.  Your login username; derived from your full name. It is the portion of your Illinois State e-mail address before the @ symbol.

UID = is unique nine-digit identifier assigned to each student by the university, not related to your Social Security Number.  It is on your Redbird Card and also in My ISU information

More information


  • Tech Zone  helps with aggravating computers
    • Located in Bone Student Center--just off the Plaza (across from Milner Library) at the end of hall.
    • You can also purchase, at student discount, computers, some supplies
  • Who doesn't love and use Google and all the offerings however, ISU provides the full suite of Office 365.
    • Find it after you log-in to MY ISU (top right of all ISU webpages-
  • Milner Library

Library (Not boring)

  • Yes, you really can eat in the library just don't leave a mess on the materials or the tables.
  • You have your very own librarian!  Find yours! (search by subject or specific discipline).
  • You have your own Graduate Services section within the library
  • There are 2 types of library accounts--you will need both. 
    • iShare--has its own login and password
      • For almost all academic libraries within the State of Illinois
    • ILL or InterLibrary Loan (uses your usual ISU login or ULID and password)
      • Mostly for libraries outside the State of Illinois
      • Requesting articles too!
  • As a Graduate Student, you are granted longer borrowing time privileges
  • The Library is often open until 0300 (3 AM)
  • Spaces--where things are, where to study, maps of the library
    • Where are those spaces?  Here is a map
  • Library Lingo--what are these people talking about! 
    • Includes translations of common terms

Copyright Librarian

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Colby Cilento
Milner Library