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ENG 145 - Writing in the Academic Disciplines

What's in this Guide

This guide, developed specifically for students enrolled in ENG 145, provides strategies and resources for finding examples of a rhetorical genre, writings about writing, types of sources, evaluating information, and citing sources.

  • Starting the Research Process: a overview on the questions to ask and actions to take during the research journey.
  • Searching Options: watch these videos to learn how to search the library catalog and databases to find examples of your genre and supporting information
  • Finding Genre Examples in Milner: this page specifically covers ways to find examples of different rhetorical genres.
  • Types of Articles: one common information source students use for a variety of their projects is articles. This page explains the difference between the different types.
  • Evaluating Information: learn about a variety of options to determine if a source is both credible and relevant to your source.
  • Citing Sources: identify the different styles and methods for in-text citing and reference formatting.
  • Request a Research Consultation: use this form to request a one-on-consultation with your section's partnered librarian.
  • How To get a quick overview of what is available in the library and some quick help tips.