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Job and Career Planning

This guide will help you explore different careers, recommend resumes & cover letter guides, give strategies for investigating different companies and industries.

Resources for Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviews

There are a variety of ways to look for resources focused on creating resumes in specific fields.

  1. From the library home page, make sure the Milner Catalog tab is selected
  2. Click the Advanced Milner Catalog Search link under the search box
  3. In the first search box, type resumes employment
  4. Change the "Any field" drop-down to Subject
  5. Optional: In the next search box, type in the field/major (e.g. health)
  6. Click the Search button

Milner catalog search for the subject of resumes employment

How to prepare for a job interview in 5 easy steps. Watch Jeff & Mike teach you how you should be preparing for a job interview.

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Job interviews can be a sweat inducing experience. Here are the 25 most common job interview questions and how to answer them.

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