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MKT 333: Integrated Marketing Communication: Industry Research

Secondary research sources pertaining to coursework and the general understanding of various industries.

Tips for researching industries

1. Look up the NAICS and SIC codes (below). 

2. Consider related industries. Supply and demand industries. Substitute industries. 

3. Zoom out. There are a lot of very small, niche industries in the world. If you can't find information on your specific industry, use a more general term. (e.g., "athletic shoe manufacturing" --> "shoe manufacturing").

NAICS and SIC Codes

North American Industry Classification Search (NAICS) is a system that assigns a 6 digit number to each industry and sub-industry operating in North America. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system using a 4 digit code to identify industries. NAICS is gradually replacing SIC in most business and economic databases, but still can be used in some databases or articles. 

Industry Research at Milner