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NUR 316 - Maternal Infant Nursing

Pull It All Together Assignment

For this assignment, you will investigate and present an evidence-based topic to peers in your clinical group. This activity will prepare you to integrate evidence-based practice into planning and providing patient care. This professional presentation is in the format with the level of evidence-based practice information that you would potentially present at a hospital/clinic unit meeting. 

You and your group members will select a condition or diagnosis that interests you, and prepare a 15-20 minute professional presentation which you will present to your clinical group peers. For full points you will need:

  • More than 5 credible references
  • Use CINAHL, PubMed or comparable database to access nursing research/journal article
  • Minimum of 2 (3 if there are 3 students in the group) references from a nursing research/journal article.
  • Minimum of two additional credible resources such as textbook, reputable website, books, non-nursing articles or educational pamphlets
  • Accurate APA citations

Evaluating Resources: The CRAAP Test

CRAAP Test - Finding Reliable Information - DSC Library at Daytona State  College

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