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Textbooks: Finding Textbook Information

Finding Textbook Information

Textbooks required for ISU courses are listed in CourseFinder or MyIllinoisState.

Finding Textbooks in CourseFinder

  1. Go to Course Directory
  2. Choose course subject or department.
  3. Choose course number.
  4. Choose section number.
  5. Click the arrow on the right on the blue bar to open the textbook information for the course section.

Finding Textbooks in MyIllinoisState

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on “Academics.”
  3. Click on “My Class schedule.”
  4. Login a second time.
  5. Click “Student services Center.”
  6. Click “List View.”
  7. Click “Spring Semester.”
  8. Click “View textbook summary.”