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Textbooks @ ISU

This guide shares information about course materials and textbooks to support your academic success at ISU

Where to get course materials you need?

  • Redbird Spirit Shop
    • The Redbird Spirit Shop is the official bookstore of Illinois State University, with two convenient locations on campus. The North St. location is the hub for all things textbooks. Their website is a gateway for identifying course materials and purchasing and/or renting textbooks. 
  • Milner Library
    • Milner Library is a place to borrow or access course materials for free for a period of time -- the library does not sell or rent course materials for the semester like the bookstore. Milner has a few different options for accessing textbooks: 
  • Beyond ISU
    • Online retailers
      • There are many online sellers to purchase and rent textbooks directly
    • Textbook publishers
      • Some courses might require materials only available directly from the publisher's websites or platforms. 

Buying or Renting Textbooks