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KNR 208 - Dynamics of United States Contemporary Health Issues

A guide to help students in KNR 208 find resources for their research.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography provides a summary and/or evaluation of each work listed in the bibliography, in addition to providing citations (title of the work, who wrote the work, where and when it was published) for a specific topic area.

It is a research tool to assist you in synthesizing and reviewing your sources. Those reading the annotations can learn the nature of the works, as well as gain a sense of the usefulness of sources in relation to the reader's own research needs. 

How Do I Write an Annotated Citation?

Elements of an Annotated Citation

The first part of an annotated citation is

  • a citation written in a standard documentation style, such as APA.

The second part of the annotated citation will consist of the following elements and may vary in length from several sentences to a page. Consult your instructor for guidance.

  • Description of the main points of the source, the primary purpose of the work and conclusions drawn by the author.
  • Evaluation of the source discussing the authority of the author and point of view represented and the presence of any bias
  • Analysis of how the material will assist in your own work.

Example from the Purdue University's OWL (Online Writing Lab)

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