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LGBTQIA2S+ Resources

This guide empowers learners to engage with LGBTQIA2S+ topics and issues.

Community & National Resources

Community & National Resources

The below resources list state and national organizations that provide information, support, and ways to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Central Illinois


Pronouns Explained

Gender Pronoun Infographic. It reads: Gender-specific pronouns are the ways we refer to each other in the third person. People who are transitioning in some way might choose to change their pronouns.Gender-neutral pronouns. I saw Lauren come to work today and they seemed really happy. I wonder if it has anything to do with their weekend? I hope I see them soon to hear all about it!  I saw Lauren come to work today and ze seemed really happy. I wonder if it has anything to do with hir weekend? I hope I see hir soon to hear all about it! Ask: You cannot tell someone's name or pronoun just by looking at them.
Respect: If someone takes the time to let you know their name and pronoun, use it and respect it. It's not up to you to decide someone else's identity. Practice If you have difficulty using someone's pronoun and name - practice. Ask co-workers, peers and firends to point out when you've made a mistake. Hello, my name is ___________ .Start meetings with everyone introducing themselves and stating their pronoun. All name tags and name plates can also have a spot to show someone's pronouns. If you find yourself unsure of someone's pronoun, be attentive to how others refer to this person. If you are still unclear or concerned that people might be using the incorrect pronoun, politely and privately ask that person which pronoun they use.

Click the image to see a larger version and zoom in on the text.

The above graphic is from The 519 (following this link will provide transcribed text). Their website includes additional resources and infographics.

Another valuable source for information about pronouns is