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LGBTQIA2S+ Resources

This guide empowers learners to engage with LGBTQIA2S+ topics and issues.

Finding Materials

The library's collection is always evolving. Below are a few strategies to find the resources you need. Looking for a specific resource type? Select a subpage using the left navigation bar to go directly to that information. In this section, you'll learn how to:

  • Browse the shelves
  • Use the virtual browse
  • Search subject headings
  • Identify databases to search
  • Use the journal search tool

Browse the Shelves

Looking for books or DVDs? Come visit us and check out the areas below!

Floor Call Number Range Subjects
Floor 2 Use call number ranges below DVDs
Floor 4 HQ71 - HQ77 LGBTQIA2S+ topics and issues
Floor 4 HQ1075 - HQ1075.5 Gender roles
Floor 6 LC2574-LC2576 LGBTQIA2S+ education
Floor 6 TMC 306.76 Children's nonfiction books


Virtual Browse

You  can virtually browse the shelves in the library catalog. Locate a title of interest by searching a title, keyword, or subject. Scroll down in the catalog record, and you'll see a virtual browse of other materials on the shelf!

Screenshot of Virtual Browse in the catalog


Subject Headings

To find all types of resources -- both physical and online-- try searching certain subjects. Subject headings are standardized vocabulary that are added to records to help you find what you need.

Indiana University has compiled a comprehensive list of LGBTQIA2S+ Subject Headings from the Library of Congress.

Please note that subject headings may include terminology that is now outdated and does not reflect the views of Milner Library.

To search for a subject, enter your search terms and then choose to search for items with those terms "in subject" by changing the dropdown menu below the search box. Depending on your terms, you may choose to search for items "with the exact phrase" (so in the example below, search results must have the exact term "queer theory" listed as a subject) or for items "that contain my query words" in the subject (for example, searching "gay" would return "gay men," "gay students," and many additional subjects). To expand your search, consider changing the Library Catalog dropdown (in the image below) to I-Share Libraries.

Subject Search for Queer Theory in the Library Catalog


Unsure which subject headings to search? If you find a title that interests you, scroll down to "Details" to follow the subject headings in that record to continue your browsing:

Screenshot of subjects listed in a catalog record


Databases & Articles

The following databases are a great starting point to find resources related to LGBTQIA2S+ issues:

That said, many resources that cover LGBTQIA2S+ topics may be found in interdisciplinary databases. Try searching the below for articles:

Journal Search

To search for journals directly, navigate to the "Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Search" in the library catalog navigation bar at the top of the screen. This keyword search will search the entire record (including the title and subjects) to find journals that may fit your needs:

Screenshot of Journal Search in Catalog