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TCH 204 - Introduction to Elementary Education

What's in this Guide

This guide was made to assist TCH 204 students in your Group Issue Research Assignment. Please note, this class is taught differently by different professors. Check with your professor to make sure this guide is aligned with your section of the class. 

The Group Issue Research Assignment has six main components:

Read the assignment description to refamiliarize yourself with assignment requirements before moving through the other sections while completing the assignment.

Guidance to narrowing your current issue into something appropriate for this assignment. 

University of British Columbia Library's explanation of scholarly sources, popular sources, and trade sources. As well as a visual made by me depicting a simplified view of the peer-review process. 

An introduction to the different search strategies often employed in academic databases, including keywords and subject headings. 

A video introduction/recap to using ERIC Ebsco and ERIC Ovid to discover education journal articles, as well as links to helpful education-focused databases. 

A series of links for education data sets organized by national-focus or Illinois-focus, originally curated by Sarah French. 

A visual guiding how you might interrogate resources that you find in order to use them critically. 

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