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TCH 258 - Social Studies Methods

A guide to support your work on the Critical History Research and Lesson Sequence Assignment of Myths and Misconceptions in American History. Resources are targeted at background research, curriculum materials, primary sources, and children's books.

Searching for Children's History Books on

Children's books are excellent resources to be incorporated into a lesson. This page will outline one way to search for possible picture books on a topic using It is important to recognize that this will only provide books on a given topic, and will not critically evaluate the materials. Instead, you will need to do that as a second step before formally using a discovered material. Quick Link

Using the link below, you will be prompted to sign-in with your ULID and password. Once you do, you will be logged into the ISU shared student account. This link will work the same both on and off-campus.

Advanced Search Help

  • Click the quick link above to access Sign-in with your ULID and password if prompted. 
  • In the search bar, search for "Advanced Search."
  • Click the Advanced Search link from your search results. This is in the Featured column to the right. 
  • In advanced search, change the Search Type from "Book Title" to "All Fields."
  • Then, enter keyword(s) for your topic. Examples include: Thanksgiving, Columbus, Molly Pitcher, etc.
  • Don't click Submit just yet! Instead, scroll below the submit button to see some options to narrow your search. 

Screenshot of advanced search

  • Under Title Details select '1st to 5th grade' as you grade levels. 
  • Under Curricular Area select both History and Social Studies. Do this by CTRL clicking the second option. 
  • Under Cultural Experience consider selecting a cultural experience relevant to your topic. Keep in mind that this does NOT guarantee that the author or illustrator is part of that community. 

Screenshot of restricted title details

  • Now, press Submit to see a list of potential titles. You can further refine your results on the right if necessary. 
  • To check if Milner Library has a copy of the book, search the title in the Milner Library Catalog

They Called Her Molly Pitcher Catalog Search