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TCH 321 - Methods and Materials for Bilingual and English Lang Learners

A guide meant to support TCH 321 students in their assignments. - Analyze Books

Use to discover engaging digital resources, such as author interviews, lessons, book readings, and videos, that are excellent extensions of books. In particular, the author-related resources can be used to better contextualize your chosen book. 

For more detailed guidance on, visit Find Resources with TeachingBooks.


Using the link below, you will be prompted to sign-in with your ULID and password. Once you do, you will be logged into the ISU shared student account. This link will work the same both on and off-campus. Help

  1. Search for your title in the search bar at the top. 
  2. Select your title from the results list. 
  3. Explore available resources such as: pronunciation guides; about the authors; author interviews; book guides, activities, & lessons; book trailers; book & adaption websites; awards & distinctions; and more. This background information and context might help you critically engage and analyze your chosen text. 

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