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TCH 321 - Methods and Materials for Bilingual and English Lang Learners

A guide meant to support TCH 321 students in their assignments.

Finding Bilingual Books

There are multiple ways to locate bilingual education materials for children. Using the Milner Library Catalog is an alternative to searching in NoveList Plus.

  1. Try a subject search, for a subject that contains "bilingual." Pair this with a keyword of the language or topic you are interested in.
  2. Try using the keywords: "bilingual" or "bilingual books." This is sometimes a good option, because a book may not be under the subject heading of "bilingual," but it's description might say something like "text in English and Japanese" (for example).  

*Remember to always limit by location to Teaching Materials Center.

Explore some of the bilingual books held by the TMC. If you do not see the language you want listed below, try following the instructions to search for yourself, or contact your librarian.