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HIS 135 - History of the United States to 1865

Online Catalog

Searching the Online Catalog

To search for books on your topic, go to the Milner Library website.  

Click on the down arrow beside 'Everything' and select Library Catalog.

 To find books on a specific topic, use the Library Catalog - Advanced Search, and select the Subject option.

To expand searching beyond Milner Library, select the "All I-Share Libraries" option.

To locate primary sources, add terms such as Sources, Correspondence, Diaries,

Personal narratives, Oral history, or Interviews to your subject search.   

Sample Subjects

Salem Witch Trials
      Witchcraft - Massachusetts - Salem
      Trials (Witchcraft)  
      Salem (Mass) -- History

Boston Massacre
       Boston Massacre (1770)
       Boston (Mass.) -- History -- Revolution  
       American Revolution (1775-1783)

 Indian Creek Massacre
       Black Hawk War, 1832
       Indian captivities

Nat Turner's Rebellion
       Nat Turner's rebellion, Virginia, 1831 
       Southampton Insurrection, 1831 
       Slave insurrections -- United States

Lincoln Conspirators Trial
      Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -- Assassination 


Books published before 1923 may be available in full text in Google Books or other websites such as HathiTrust or Internet Archive.  





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