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HIS 200 - Doing History: An Introduction: Abolitionism (Gifford)

Slavery and Abolition journal

A major journal for the study of Abolitionism is:   SLAVERY & ABOLITION:  a journal of slave and post-slave studies.

Slavery & Abolition is the only journal devoted in its entirety to a discussion of the demographic, socio-economic, historical and psychological aspects of human bondage from the ancient period to the present. It is also concerned with the dismantling of the slave systems and with the legacy of slavery. The journal publishes research articles, comments, reflections, review articles and book reviews. There are frequent special thematic issues and an important annual bibliographical supplement on slavery which provides the only comprehensive listing of books and articles in the field.

Milner Library subscribes to Slavery & Abolition through online subscriptions that cover 2004 - September 2021.
For articles published before 2004 or after September 2021, use interlibrary loan to request a copy of the article.



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