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Overview of theatre resources for researchers at ISU

Call Numbers for Theatre

Theatre Call Numbers

PN 1600: Periodicals, Yearbooks
PN 1625: Dictionaries
PN 1630: General Works
PN 1660-1693: Technique of Dramatic Composition
PN 1707: Criticism
PN 1720-1861: History
PN 1985-1988: Special Types:
PN 1892: Tragedy
PN 1922: Comedy
PN 1962: Vaudeville
PN 1972-1982: Puppet Theater

PN 1990-1992.92 Broadcasting
PN 1991 – 1991.9 Radio
PN 1992-1992.92 Television
PN 1993 – 1999 Motion Pictures
PN 1997 – 1997.85 (Screen)plays, Scenarios, Etc.

PN 2055-2073: Acting
PN 2074: Theater as a Profession
PN 2075-2078: Theater: Study and Teaching
PN 2080: Monologues and Audition Scenes
PN 2085-2091: The Stage and Accessories:
PN 2091.E4: Electric Devices; Stage Lighting
PN 2091.S6: Sound Effects
PN 2091.S8: Stage Settings; Scenery
PN 2098: Theater Posters
PN 2100-2193: History:
PN 2131-2145: Ancient
PN 2152-2160: Medieval
PN 2171-2179: Renaissance
PN 2181-2193: Modern
PN 2219.3-3030: Special Regions or Countries
PN 3171: Drama in Education
PN 3175-3191: College and School Theatricals
PN 4305: Audition Scenes and Monologues

PN 6110.5-6120: Collections of General Literature: Drama
PA 3050-4505: Greek Literature
PA 6000-6971: Roman Literature
PE 1-3729: English Language (Includes Old and Middle English)
PJ 5001-5060: Hebrew Literature
PJ 7501-8517: Arabic Literature
PK 1-9601: Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature
PL 501-889: Japanese Language and Literature
PL 901-998: Korean Language and Literature
PL 1001-3208: Chinese Language and Literature
PL 8000-8844: African Languages and Literature
PM 401-501: (Native) American Languages of the United States
PM 3001-4566: Languages of Mexico and Central America
PQ 1-9698: Romance Literature (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
PR 1-9680: English Literature:
PR 621-744: Drama
PR 1098-1369: Collections – Drama
PR 2894-?: Shakespeare
PS 1-3626: American Literature:
PS 330-353: Drama
PS 501-689: Collections – Drama
PT 1-4897: German Literature (Includes Dutch, Flemish, Scandinavian)
PZ 1-90: Juvenile Fiction and Belles Lettres

GT 500-2370: Costumes. Dress. Fashion
GV 1580-1799.4: Dancing
MT 737: Motion Picture Music
MT 955-956: Musical Theater
MT 820-915: Singing and Vocal Technique
NA 6820-6840: Theater Architecture
ND 2885: Scene Painting

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