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Sociology: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

Encyclopedia of Sociology
Ref. HM 425 .E5 2000  Floor 2
The five volumes of this current, major source include some 400 lengthy essays written by authorities in each area. Topics covered include: class and race, demography, family roles, gender, organizational structure, postmodernism, social mobility and work and occupations. Extensive index at the end of volume 5.

Survey of Social Science: Sociology Series
Ref. HM 17 .S86 1994  Floor 2
This five volume set is a collection of over 300 articles covering specific topics related to the categories of social institutions, deviance and social control, aging, sex and gender, demography, social change, race and ethnic relations, socialization, social stratification, social movements, urban and rural life, social structure and sociological research.

Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
Ref. HM 425 .C36 2006  Floor 2
Includes definitions of sociological terms, discussions of ongoing debates in the field, brief sketches of major sociologists, and descriptions of schools of thought.

Handbook of Sociology
Ref. HM 51 .H249 1988  Floor 2
This source includes 22 lengthy essays covering major topics in the field. Each essay provides an overview of the topic, a synopsis of current research and an extensive list of references.

Handbook of Clinical Sociology
HM 585 .H35 2001 Floor 4 shelves
Includes an overview of the field of clinical sociology, with sections on the practice in general, as well as with special populations and in specific settings.

Annual Review of Sociology
Beginning in 1975, this series of yearly volumes includes surveys of recent research in well-established areas, updated information on particular methodologies and sociological topics in the early stages of research.

Many other specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries relating to areas of sociology are available. Some examples are given below.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family
Ref. HQ 9 .E52 2003  Floor 2

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences
HQ 1061 .H336 1996  Floor 4 shelves

World Quality of Life Indicators
HN 25 .W67 2d 1991  Floor 4 shelves

Gender Roles: A Handbook of Tests and Measures
Ref. HM 253 .B43 1990  Floor 2

Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia
Ref. HQ 9 .H846 1994  Floor 2

Encyclopedia of Social History
Ref. HN 28 .E53 1994  Floor 2

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