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For Sociology majors, students taking courses, or others interested in the field, this guide provides access to major sources.

Researching at Milner Library

Hello. My name is Vanette Schwartz. I’m the librarian for Sociology. If you have any questions, please contact me.

This guide can help you with:

  • Getting started with the research process
  • Identifying databases specific to Sociology
  • Techniques for finding subject specific sources such books, articles, etc.
  • Linking to a course specific guide

Conducting research is an iterative process. For more information about how to conduct research, consult the An Overview: The Research Process web guide.

The following steps are helpful in beginning your research in History.

1. For background information on your topic, consult a reference source such as21st Century Sociology: a reference handbook or
Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology.

2.  Check the list of sources or bibliography in your textbooks.

3. Search for books in your topic in the Milner Library Online Catalog.

4. Search for articles in Sociology databases, such as:

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