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Electronic Books: Finding eBooks

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Programs & Apps for eBooks

Adobe Digital Editions

Required for downloading & viewing eBooks on a PC or Nook.

Bluefire eReader App

Free application for downloading & viewing eBooks on iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

ebrary App for iOS or Android

ebrary is one of the major eBook platforms, and their app will allow you to search, download and read any ebrary eBook.

EBSCOhost App for iOS or Android

Other ePub Readers for Android

Finding eBooks

There are several ways to locate eBooks. The best way to find all of them, however, is through the Milner Catalog.

From the main library page, in the default  Milner Catalog tab, select Advanced Milner Catalog Search.


Type whatever keyword you like in the appropriate search box (i.e., "statistics"), and in the Version section select "electronic" above the big red "e."  In the Format and Media section, select "book." If after hitting the "find" button your results are dominated by government publications or Hathitrust results that are unhelpful to you, you can scroll down to the bottom of this advanced search screen to specify that you do not want that type of publication included.

After you hit "find," your results will appear.  Select a book from the list by clicking on its title.


Once you've selected a book, you can access it by clicking on the link under "Online Access" at the bottom of its catalog record.  The length and wording of the link will vary depending on what platform we access the book through.