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Electronic Books: Using EBL eBooks

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Special Note

Many features, including note-taking and highlighting, are only permanent for online viewing.  Any changes you make to a downloaded book will disappear when the loan period expires.

Navigating EBL eBooks

Details: This section contains detailed information about the book, including author, publisher, ISBN number, etc.  This section also tells you how many pages you are allowed to copy and print.

Contents: The book's table of contents.

Search: This tab allows you to search for words or phrases within the book's text.

Notes: This tab provides you with notetaking space for each page.  Notes disappear after the loan period ends, but you can export them into Zotero, EndNote, or a text file.

Download: With Adobe Digital Editions installed, this tab will allow you to download the eBook as a PDF or ePub document.

Programs & Apps for eBooks

Adobe Digital Editions

Required for downloading & viewing eBooks on a PC or Nook.

Bluefire eReader App

Free application for downloading & viewing eBooks on iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

ebrary App for iOS or Android

ebrary is one of the major eBook platforms, and their app will allow you to search, download and read any ebrary eBook.

EBSCOhost App for iOS or Android

Other ePub Readers for Android

Transferring eBooks to an eReader

Universal First Steps

1. Create an Adobe Account

2. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or Mac

3.  Install Bluefire Reader on your eReader

iOS (more details)

4. Create an iTunes Account

5. Download the eBook to your PC using Digital Editions

6. Transfer eBook to your device using Bluefire Reader and iTunes Account

7. Connect your device to the computer, open iTunes, and sync your device.

8. Select the Apps tab in iTunes, then "file sharing."

9. Click "Add," then select the title you want to transfer.

Kindle Fire

4. Use the browser to navigate to the EBL record of the eBook you wish to install

5. Download directly using Bluefire.


You can view and search Milner's entire EBL eBook collection here.

Viewing Online

Once you've located an EBL eBook you'd like to read, clicking on its link will bring you to its record page.  Near the top of the record you have buttons that will allow you to add it to your personal bookshelf, email yourself a link to the book, or create a citation for the book.  To read or download the book, press the large "Read Online" button.

Once you've clicked the "Read Online" button, your book will load.  See the sidebar on the left for more information about navigating within the eBook.


To download an EBL eBook, you will need an Adobe Account and Adobe Digital Editions (PC or Mac), or an equivalent eReader such as Bluefire (iOS or Android).  Checkout periods vary by publisher.

Create an Adobe Account (video tutorial).

Install Adobe Digital Editions (video tutorial).

Download Adobe Digital Editions (link).

Download Bluefire (link).

For step-by-step directions for transferring eBooks to an eReader, see the sidebar.


Restrictions can vary by publisher, but generally EBL allows users to print 20% of the pages in a book and to copy/paste 5%.  The details tab provides a running total of how many pages you have left, and you will see a message when a cap has been reached.