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Find Textbooks & Course Reserves

How to Find Textbooks

This video shows how to find textbooks at Milner Library. Generally, the library is unable to purchase every textbook that is needed for all courses. However, you can always check to see if what you need might be available.

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To learn more about finding textbooks, view the Textbooks guide.

How to Find Course Reserves

This video shows how to determine if an item is on course reserve at the library.

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Electronic course reserves are not listed or linked in the Course Reserve finder on the Milner Library website. 

To access electronic course reserves:

  • Login to ReggieNet.
  • Navigate to your course.
  • Go to its Resources folder.
  • Choose the Electronic Course Reserves folder.
  • Select the title of the eReserve you need to access. 
  • If there isn't an Electronic Course Reserves folder, please ask your professor where to find the eReserve you need on the ReggieNet site for your class, since professors can move eReserves anywhere on the ReggieNet site for your class.

Reading eBooks

There are three ways to read eBooks:

  1. Read in your browser
  2. Download to your laptop or tablet
  3. Print one or more pages

In most instances, you will be prompted to log in using your ULID username and password before the eBook is displayed, whether or not you are on or off campus.

The steps to download or print an eBook are dependent on the publisher's website. Consult our eBook Guide for specific information about each format.