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Family and Consumer Sciences

This guide is starting point for all students majoring in or taking classes within the department of Family and Consumer Sciences. This guide will help you with all aspects of your projects and research.

Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Databases

Books specific to Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Look in these call number ranges for most books on marketing, sales, and advertising.

Call Number Range Subject
QP 145-185 Physiology of the Digestive Tract
QR 115-129 Microbiology of Foods
RA 601-602 Food in Relation to Public Health 
RJ 206-245 Nutrition of Children 
RM 214-259 Diet Therapy
TP 368-456 Food Processing etc. 
TX  Home Economics 
TX 345-1105 Nutrition and Food 

Interested in how long you can check out a book? View the list of loan periods Milner resources.

Selected print and digital books

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