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This is a tab with specialized resources for you and your project. Several ICC projects require research in the area of law and legality. Here you'll find tips on searching for current laws, looking up old cases, and other legal research.

Feel free to email the law librarian, Chad Kahl ( or contact the library reference desk for help or more questions.

Online Resources

Finding IL Laws

The Constitution of the State of Illinois was adopted at a special election on December 15, 1970.

Illinois published annual compilations of laws.  Milner has most years, starting in 1819.

State of Illinois provides access to the most recent Public Acts and an archive from the 77th General Assembly (1971-72) until the most recent.

Laws of Illinois - compiled by WIU Library

The Illinois General Assembly's Legislative Reference Bureau offers a helpful (and frequently updated) Researching Legislative History online guide.

Northwestern University Law's Pritzker Legal Research Center also has a helpful Illinois Legislative History Sources page.

More Guides

If what you're looking for isn't here, you can check these guides as well:

Finding Court Cases