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MBA 430: Advanced Marketing Management: Marketing Concepts

Business Press Articles

For your business press article, there are a few ways to conduct your research: 

  1. Milner's Advanced Article Search Using this search page, you can enter in your marketing concept and desired publication (e.g., Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, etc). This will ensure you are only searching for that term in that publication.
  2. Milner's Advanced Catalog Search Use this search page to find a publication. Type in the name and select "Journals" under "Material Type." Click on the title that interests you. Follow one of the links under "Available Online." On the online guiding page, find the link to "Search within this publication" and search for your marketing concept. 
  3. Use the Advanced Article Search (link above) or one of the business databases (links to the right) to search for your marketing concept. In the navigation pane, find the "Publication" limiter and select a newspaper or magazine that fits your criteria. This will limit your search results to only those discussed in the publication.

Scholarly Articles

To search most effectively in these databases, follow these recommendations:

  • Write a list of keywords to use. Think of synonyms, write professional and common terms, use a thesaurus.
  • Use one of the following databases.
  • If your search doesn't return enough results, use fewer search terms or change your terms. 
  • If your search returns too many results, use the limiters or add search terms. You can limit by subject, publication date, publisher, companies discussed, etc.

For this part of the assignment, you need to find scholarly or peer reviewed articles. In the databases below, use the limiters on the left or right. You can click on terms to only see scholarly and peer reviewed articles. If you're not sure if an article fits the criteria, email me or Google the journal name. Researching the journal will tell you if it is peer-reviewed. 


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