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MGT 224 - New Venture Creation

What's in this Guide

Welcome to the Course Guide for Management and Quantitative Methods 224: Entrepreneurship I. 

Home: On this page, you'll find links to the other pages, links to other relevant guides, and my contact information.

Top Resources: Here you'll find a collection of vital databases, journals, and other websites to begin your research. 

Journals: Small business is a topic of much interest, for academics and practitioners. These journals cover many areas of small business development, management, and life cycle. Reading these journals, both back issues and current issues, will give you essential and fascinating information on small business.

Citing Sources: Managing your sources and correctly appropriating them is vital in business. This page will give you information on why and when to cite, how to manage sources, and style guides for references. 

Companies & Franchising: Here you'll find resources to help you research comparative companies and possible competitors. There are books that tell the stories of start ups and offer advice. And there are resources to investigate the nature, pros, and cons of franchises. 

Opportunities & Planning: Here is information about business plans: how to build a business plan and examples of business plans. You'll also find opportunities for investment sources and funds.

Laws & Regulations: Following laws and regulations is essential in business. Here are sources to help you identify and understand relevant laws. 

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