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Refugees and Forced Migration - Government Documents

The government documents listed in this guide will be useful for the research on topics related to worldwide refugees and populations subjected to forced migration.


Public records produced from federal, state, local and international governments or intergovernmental organizations (NGOs) provide primary source material beneficial to nearly all research interests. Milner Library has been a federal depository since 1858 and offers its users a broad array of historic and current sources including:

  • hearings and debates of legislative bodies;
  • official text of laws, regulations and treaties;
  • records of government expenditures and finances;
  • statistical compilations such as census data;
  • investigative reports; and
  • treaties.

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Congressional hearings are the official record of publicly held committee hearings proceedings to obtain information and opinions on proposed bills. (Not all hearings that are published are publicly available.) Hearings may contain testimonies from expert witnesses.


Congressional reports originate from congressional committees and deal with proposed legislation and issues under investigation. There are several types of reports House and Senate Reports, Senate Executive Reports and Conference Reports.

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