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POL 151: Introduction To U.S. Foreign Policy/International Relations (Replogle): Home

Social Sciences Librarian

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Grace Allbaugh
Office: Milner 415
Phone: (309) 438-5313

Library Office Hours: By Appointment (see "Book Appointment" button above)

Walk-In Office Hours:
Thursdays, 2:30-4:30, Schroeder Hall 432
(309) 438-5313


This guide was created to help you with research for your POL 150 or 151 research project. This guide is meant as a first step, but if you still need research assistance, you can find my contact information in the box on the left. Feel free to email, call, or speak with me in person. I'd be happy to meet and discuss your topic, or if you have questions about any resources I've listed on the guide itself.