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TCH 219: Integrating Multiple Literacies & Technology Across Secondary Curriculum

Finding TMC Books for Text Sets

You may or may not want to include books in your text set. If you do, below outlines how to find books for K-12 students in the Teaching Materials Center and how to use the database NoveList Plus to analyze their strengths for your class context. Remember, if you are using a K-12 book, is an excellent resource to use to find accompanying materials. 

1.) Find TMC Books

Learn how to search for books at Milner that are specifically for K-12 students by watching the video below. 

  • Access the library's homepage  at
  • Type in a keyword search for a topic (or a title).
  • When the results display, click on  Floor 6 ShelvesTeaching Materials Center under the Location limiter on the right side of the page.
  • This will display only PreK-12 results for your topic.

Evaluating TMC Books for Text Sets

2.) Check the Lexile (Readability Level)

Access NoveList Plus to determine the Lexile (readability level).

  • In the search bar, enter a title of interest. 
  • Click into the information provided for your book. 
  • Use the PDF linked below to determine the lexile number for your book. 

3.) Match the Lexile to a Grade Level

Compare the Lexile to the Grade Level equivalency on the Readability Comparison Chart linked below. NoveList Plus can also provide:

  • a synopsis of the plot
  • writing style
  • reviews of the title
  • awards that the title may have won
  • "read-alikes" of similar titles

4.) Determine the authenticity and the author’s/illustrator’s ability to present the material.

Determining whether books and other materials are “culturally relevant” and respectful of the topic can be tricky. Teachers use tools to determine authenticity and the author’s/illustrator’s ability to present the material. On NoveList Plus, determine if the book has won any awards and read the included book reviews. 

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