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TCH 219: Integrating Multiple Literacies & Technology Across Secondary Curriculum

Example Text Sets from Library Session


Text Set 1: Planking and Abdominal Muscles

Sources (left to right):

  1. Nadiah, Yasmin [@yasminnadiahofficial]. Harder than it looks! Died making this over and over #cupidshuffle #cupidshufflechallenger #fyp #fy #fitness #plank challenge # plank [Video], 3 Dec. 2019. TikTok. ​
  2. Cupid. "Cupid Shuffle." Time for a Change. Asylum Atlantic. 13 Feb. 2007. ​
  3. Bubley, Esther, photographer. Washington, D.C. Physical education class doing mass exercises in the gymnasium at Woodrow Wilson High School. Oct. Photograph. Library of Congress,​
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  5. McDermott, Nicole. “How to Do a Perfect Plank.” Greatist, Healthline Media, 10 Nov. 2014,

Text Set 2: The Cotton Gin

Sources (left to right): 

  1. Paullin, Charles, et al, “Plate 142. Agriculture. Agricultural Regions, 1924.” Digital Public Library of America,​
  2. Kent State University Museum, "On the use of cotton in fashions of the 1860s." Digital Public Library of America, 3 Feb. 2012,​
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  4. “Reproduction of Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin Model,” Digital Public Library of America,
  5. Grady, Cynthia., and Michele Wood. "Cotton Boll." I Lay My Stitches down : Poems of American Slavery. Grand Rapids MI: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2012. Print.

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