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Latin American and Latino/a Studies

For students taking courses, or others interested in Latin American & Latino/a Studies, this guide provides access to major sources.

What's in this Guide

Hello!  My name is María Tudela and I'm the Latin American and Latino/a/x Studies librarian at Milner Library.  This guide is starting point for students minoring in or taking classes within the Latin American & Latino/a/x Studies program. This guide will help you with with finding sources for your assignments and research.

Find databases with which to search for journals, books, chapters, etc. for your research.  

Find links and videos that demonstrate how to use different functions of Milner Library and the website.

​​​​​​​Find information on most citation styles as well as the Sociology style guide

Details different options for organizing resources. Sub-pages also provide walkthroughs for creating annotated bibliographies and literature reviews.


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