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Systemic Racism


What's in This Guide?

This guide is broken down into two main sections:

How to Use This Guide?

The resources highlighted on this guide are meant to function as a starting point, as well as an introduction to queer; disability; intersectionality frameworks and feminist; critical theories. It is important to recognize the value, and also the privilege, of educating one's self about systemic racism and systems of oppression while acknowledging that these systems positively and negatively impact groups of people.

What's on This Page?

Below you will see Milner's Statement of Solidarity, instruction on how to search for books in our catalog, recommended databases for article searches, a list of related guides, and a feedback form for those who want to recommend additional resources.

Statement of Solidarity

Milner Library supports the anti-racist, anti-fascist activism driven into the national conversation by the Black Lives Matter movement. We built this guide to assist with the research needs of those interested in systemic racism issues and how they impact BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.

How to Find Books

Milner Library's collection is always expanding, and many titles we don't own are available through I-Share!

Browse the Shelves... in person or virtually

When you're in the library, try browsing the following areas. They're not the only sections with books about Systemic Racism topics and issues, but they house the greatest concentration of materials.

Floor Call Number Range Subjects
Floor 4 HC110 Racism -- Economic aspects -- United States
Floor 4 HV8141 Police Brutality--United States
Floor 5 RA448 Discrimination in medical care -- United States
Floor 6 LC212 Racism in education -- United States


Additionally, you can virtually browse the shelves in the library catalog. Locate a title of interest by searching a title, keyword, or subject. Scroll down in the catalog record, and you'll see a virtual browse of other materials on the shelf! Note: this only includes physical items, not e-books.


Browse Subject Headings

To find additional books, try searching certain subjects. Subject headings are standardized vocabulary that are added to records to help you find what you need.

Please note that subject headings may include terminology that is now outdated and does not reflect the views of Milner Library.

To search for a subject, enter your search terms and then choose to search for items with those terms "in subject" by changing the dropdown menu below the search box. Depending on your terms, you may choose to search for items "with the exact phrase." To expand your search, consider changing the Library Catalog dropdown (in the image below) to I-Share Libraries.


Unsure which subject headings to search? If you find a title that interests you, scroll down to "Details" to follow the subject headings in that record to continue your browsing:

Recommended Databases

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