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Systemic Racism


Milner Library supports the anti-racist, anti-fascist activism driven into the national conversation by the Black Lives Matter movement. We built this guide to assist with the research needs of those interested in systemic racism issues and how they impact BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. Our intent is to promote awareness on the widespread injustices of systemic racism and inspire those on the ISU campus to take action in dismantling systems of oppression (some examples are working within the community to end income inequality, healthcare discrimination, unequal representation in government, and mass incarceration).

The resources highlighted on this guide are meant to function as a starting point, as well as an introduction to queer; disability; intersectionality frameworks and feminist; critical theories. It is important to recognize the value, and also the privilege, of educating one's self about systemic racism and systems of oppression while acknowledging that these systems positively and negatively impact groups of people. In this guide you can find:

Systemic Racism

Social Justice Activism:

Black Lives Matter, Black Feminism,  and LGBTQ+ Community


Sampling of Topics Highlighted in this Guide:

Multicultural Center at Illinois State University

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