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Systemic Racism

Intersectional Feminism

This page links to resources that will help you learn more about the work of BIPOC women, and is broken down into the following categories:

Video Clips

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book cover for  Black trans feminism by Marquis Bey
book cover for  Critically sovereign : indigenous gender, sexuality, and feminist studies by Joanne Barker
book cover for   Digital Black feminism by Catherine Steele
mmigrant women's voices and integrating feminism into migration theory
book cover for  Networked feminisms : activist assemblies and digital practices by Shana MacDonald
book cover for Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women’s Digital Resistance
book cover for  Asian American feminisms and women of color politics by Lynn Fujiwara
book cover for  Feminist Accountability : Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power. Russo, Ann.
Book cover for  How we get free : Black feminism and the Combahee River Collective by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
book cover for  Disability visibility : 17 first-person stories for today : adapted for young adults by Alice Wong
book cover for  Unapologetic : a Black, queer, and feminist mandate for radical movements by Charlene Carruthers
book cover for  Ain't I a woman : Black women and feminism by bell hooks
book cover for  Bad girls of the Arab world by Nadia Yaqub
book cover for birthing black mothers by Jennifer Nash
book cover for  Feminism is queer : the intimate connection between queer and feminist theory by Mimi Marinucc
book cover for  Black feminist thought : knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment  by Patricia Hill Collins
book cover for  The body is not an apology : the power of radical self-love by Sonya Renee Taylor
book cover for  Carefree Black Girls : A Celebration of Black Women in Popular Culture by Zeba Blay
book cover for  This will be my undoing : Living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) america by Morgan Jerkins
book cover for  Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgot by Mikki Kendall
book cover for  Black feminism in qualitative inquiry : a mosaic for writing our daughter's body by Venus Evans-Winters
book cover for  Disability visibility : first-person stories from the Twenty-first century by Alice Wong
book cover for  #NotYourPrincess : voices of Native American women by Mary Beth Leatherdale
book cover for ndigenous feminist narratives : I/we: wo(men) of an(other) way by Isabel Dulfano
book cover for  Eloquent rage : a black feminist discovers her superpower by Brittney Cooper
book cover for  Talking back : thinking feminist, thinking Black by bell hooks
book cover for  Sister outsider by Audre Lorde
book cover for  Thick : and other essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom
book cover for ords of fire : an anthology of African-American feminist thought  by Beverly Guy-Sheftall
book cover  Arab & Arab American feminisms : gender, violence, & belonging by Rabab Abdulhadi
book cover for  Dear Black girl : letters from your sisters on stepping into your power by Tamara Winfrey Harris
book cover for Intersectionality as critical social theory by patricia hill collins
book cover for bad feminist by roxane gay
book cover for  Black feminism reimagined : after intersectionality by Jennifer Nash
book cover for  Sisters of the yam : black women and self-recovery by bell hooks
book cover for  Black feminism in education : Black women speak back, up, and out by Venus Evans-Winters
book cover for  Crip times : disability, globalization, and resistance by Robert  McRuer

Social Media


image for at liberty podcast

At Liberty

Episode: Activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham on Building a Lasting Movement

image for black history year podcast

Black History Year

Episode: Black Women's Power with Dr. Ashley Farmer

image for cite black women podcast

Cite Black Women

Episode: We Must Center Black Trans Women in This Struggle with Imara Jones

image for intersectionality matters podcast

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: Storytelling While Black and Female

image of all my relations podcast

All My Relations

Episode: All My Relations & Indigenous Feminism

image for intersectionality matters podcast

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: Black Girls Speak

image for cite black women podcast

Cite Black Women

Episode: A Candid Dialogue About Black Women’s Knowledge Production and The Politics of Citation


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