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Systemic Racism

Teaching for Justice

This page includes resources to help educators create a more equitable classroom experience, and is broken down into the following sections:

Video Clips

Source: Edutopia (2020, August 28). 6 Ways to Be an Antiracist Educator. YouTube

Source: Democracy Now! (2021, November 23). Nikole Hannah-Jones on the 1619 Project, "Teaching Critical Race Theory and White Supremacy on Trial. YouTube.

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book cover for  Black lives matter at school : an uprising for educational justice by Denisha Jones
book cover for  The 1619 Project : a new origin story by Nikole Hannah-Jones
book cover for  Navigating trans*+ and complex gender identities
book cover for  Sing a rhythm, dance a blues : education for the liberation of Black and Brown girls by Monique Morris
book cover for  Teaching, affirming, and recognizing trans* and gender creative youth : a queer literacy framework by sj Miller
book cover for   Race talk in white schools : re-centering teachers of color
book cover for The spirit of our work : Black women teachers (re)member Dillard, Cynthia
book cover for  About centering possibility in Black education  by Warren Chezare
Book cover for  Teaching history for justice : centering activism in students' study of the past by Christopher Martell
book cover for  Lift us up, don't push us out! : voices from the front lines of the educational justice movement by Mark Warren
book cover for  Willful defiance : the movement to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline by mark Warren
book cover for  Equity-centered trauma-informed education  by  Alex Shevrin Venet
book cover for  Critical race theory perspectives on the social studies : the profession, policies, and curriculum by Gloria Ladson-Billings
book cover for he fire now : anti-racist scholarship in times of explicit racial violence by Azeezat Johnson
book cover for  Deep knowledge : learning to teach science for understanding and equity by Douglas Larkin
book cover for  Black feminism in education : Black women speak back, up, and out by Venus Evans-Winters
book cover for  We want to do more than survive : abolitionist teaching and the pursuit of educational freedom by Bettina Love
book cover for  Teaching when the world is on fire  by Lisa Delpit
book cover for  Incorporating LGBTQ+ identities in K-12 curriculum and policy  by April Sanders
book cover for  Linguistic justice : Black language, literacy, identity, and pedagogy  by April Baker-Bell
book cover for  Storytelling for social justice : connecting narrative and the arts in antiracist teaching by  Lee Anne Bell
book cover for  Not light, but fire : how to lead meaningful race conversations in the classroom by  Matthew Kay
book cover for  Exploring gender and LGBTQ issues in K-12 and teacher education : a rainbow assemblage by Adrian Martin
book cover for ntegrating social justice education in teacher preparation programs by courtney clausen
image for  Equity and quality in digital learning : realizing the promise in K-12 education by Carolyn Heinrich
book cover for  Teaching race : how to help students unmask and challenge racism by Stephen Brookfield
book cover for  Diversifying STEM : multidisciplinary perspectives on race and gender by Ebony McGee
book cover for  Mindful practice for social justice : a guide for educators and professional learning communities by Raquel Ríos
book cover for  Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? and other conversations about race by Beverly  Tatum
book cover for  Educating for Social Justice in Early Childhood by Shirley Kessler
book cover for  Seeing race again : countering colorblindness across the disciplines by Kimberlé Crenshaw
book cover for  Undoing ableism : teaching about disability in K-12 classrooms by Susan Baglieri
book cover for  LGBTQ voices in education : changing the culture of schooling by Veronica Bloomfield
book cover for  Beyond gender binaries : an intersectional orientation to communication and identities by Cindy Griffin
book cover for  Creating and negotiating collaborative spaces for socially just anti-bullying interventions for K-12 schools by Azadeh Osanloo
book cover for  Beyond heroes and holidays : a practical guide to K-12 anti-racist, multicultural education and staff development by Enid Lee
book cover for  Teaching with tension : race, resistance, and reality in the classroom by Philathia Bolton
book cover for  Reading, writing, and racism : disrupting whiteness in teacher education and in the classroom by Bree Picower
book cover for  Interrogating whiteness and relinquishing power : white faculty's commitment to racial consciousness in STEM classrooms by Nicole Joseph
book cover for  Integrating mindfulness into anti-oppression pedagogy : social justice in higher education by Beth Berila
book cover for  Six lenses for anti-oppressive education : partial stories, improbable conversations by Kevin Kumashiro
book cover for  Safe is not enough : better schools for LGBTQ students by Michael Sadowski
book cover for  Mindful of race : transforming racism from the inside out by Ruth King
book cover for  Race, justice, and activism in literacy instruction  by Valerie Kinloch


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