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Systemic Racism

History of Systemic Racism

The resources highlighted on this page are meant to provide historical context for the racial injustice that is still taking place today. The page is divided into the following categories to provide a sampling of material:

Video Clips

Source: Playlist for CrashCourse. Black American History series. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2020, June 28). The Racist Origins of the U.S. Police Force. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2021, March 25). The Roots Of Anti-Asian Racism. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2017, December 7). The US medical system is still haunted by slavery. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2019, October 14). How the US stole thousands of Native American children. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2019, February 27). The Massacre of Tulsa's "Black Wall Street". YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2019, July 19). The Dark History of "Gasoline Baths" at the Border. YouTube.

Source: AJ+. (2022, February 9). How A Bank Robbed Former Slaves - And Got Away With It. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2020, March 10). How San Francisco Erased a Neighborhood. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2020, October 12). How the US poisoned Navajo Nation. YouTube.

Source: New York Times. (2015, November 28). Heroin and the War on Drugs | Retro Report. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2019, November 4). How Florida legally terrorized gay students. YouTube.


book cover for The 1619 Project : a new origin story by Nikole Hannah-Jones
Book cover for an African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz
Book Cover for An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
Book cover for Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi
Book Cover for  The other slavery : the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America by Andres Reséndez
Book Cover for An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873
Book Cover: Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019
Book cover: Empire of Cotton: A Global History
Book cover for Slave Patrols by Sally E. Hadden
Book Cover for Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann
Book Cover for The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas
Book Cover for Reproduction on the reservation : pregnancy, childbirth, and colonialism in the long twentieth century
Book cover for I Am Not a Number by Dr. Jenny Kay Dupuis
Book cover for 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
Book cover for The Tainos: Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus
Book Cover for Yellow Peril!: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear by John Kuo Wei Tchen
Book Cover for The Lynching of Mexicans in the Texas Borderlands by Nicholas Villanueva Jr.
Book cover for How Does It Feel to Be a Problem : Being Young and Arab in America by Moustafa Bayoumi
Book Cover for Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience During World War II Hardcover  by Albert Marrin
book cover for sundown towns
Book cover for Stony the Road by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Book Cover for Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon: Zoot Suits, Race, and Riot in Wartime Eduardo Obregon Pagan


Podcast: At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: The Tulsa Race Massacre and the Violence of Forgetting

image for podcast BLVCK Story


Episode: The List- From Slavery to George Floyd

Podcast: 1619

1619: Podcast

“1619” is a New York Times audio series hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones that examines the long shadow of American slavery.

Podcast: Humanity Archive

Humanity Archive

With the most compelling narratives and diverse conversations, this is not the history you learned in school.

Podcast: Red Nation

Red Nation Podcast

The Red Nation Podcast features discussions on Indigenous history, politics, and culture from a left perspective.

Podcast Black History Year

Black History Year

Black History Year connects you to the history, thinkers, and activists that are left out of the mainstream conversations.

Podcast: Intersectionality Matters

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: What Slavery Engendered

An Intersectional Look at 1619

Podcast: Code Switch

Code Switch

Episode: Chicago's Red Summer

Podcast: Learning For Justice

Learning For Justice

Deepen your knowledge and improve your practice with "Learning for Justice" podcasts. Each episode explores a topic or framework and is produced with educators in mind.

Podcast: Side Door

Side Door: "Confronting the Past"

The Smithsonian created a podcast that covers the 1921 riot which destroyed almost 40 blocks of a wealthy black neighborhood in North Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Podcast: Historically Black

Historically Black

The Washington Post and APM Reports present rich personal histories, along with hosts Keegan-Michael Key, Roxane Gay, Issa Rae, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton.

Podcast: Black History Buff

Black History Buff

Covering the full historical tapestry of the African Diaspora, you’ll hear tales covering everything from African Samurai to pistol-wielding poets.

Podcast: TransLash


Episode: Black Trans History and Futures

Podcast: Noire Histoir

Noire Histoir

Join Natasha McEachron as she celebrates Black pride, excellence, and power all 366 days of the year.

Podcast: Buried Truths

Buried Truths

Buried Truths investigates still-relevant stories of injustice, resilience and racism in the American South.

Podcast: Queer America

Queer America

Queer America takes listeners on a journey that spans from Harlem to the Frontier West, revealing stories of LGBTQ life we should have learned in school.

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