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Systemic Racism

Mass Culture

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism and Mass Culture, broken down into the following sections:

Issues in Mass Culture: Black Erasure, Blackfishing, Cinema, Consumer Culture, Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Politics, Culture Wars, Digital Black Face, Digital Racism, Diversity, Eurocentric Beauty Standards, Film and Video, Intersectional Representation, Mass Media, Media Narratives, Media Psychology, Media Studies, Minorities in Motion Pictures, Misrepresentation, Online Environments, Popular Culture, Queer Erasure, Racial Tropes, Representation, Serialized Dramas, Social Media, Stereotypes, Television, Tokenism, Type Casting, Viral Black Death, Visual Culture, White Gaze, White Savior Films

Keywords for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Discrimination, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy 

Video Clips

Source: MoveOn. (2018, May 30). How pop culture shapes reality - and stereotypes. YouTube.

Source: Vice Asia. (2020, January 21). What’s the Difference Between Appropriation and Appreciation? YouTube.

Source: Al Jazeera English. (2020, July 26). Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire: Stereotyping Black women in media. YouTube.

Source: New York Times. (2017, November 28). The White Internet’s Love Affair with Digital Blackface. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2018, March 4). The Negative Effects Of The 'Strong Black Woman' Stereotype. YouTube.

Source: Now This Entertainment. (2019, December 24). How Asian Representation in Movies & TV Changed This Decade. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2017, November 10). What Happened To The Golden Age Of Black Sitcoms? YouTube.


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Ask a Milner Librarian


Book cover for  The Hollywood Jim Crow : the racial politics of the movie industry by Maryann Erigha
book cover for   Challenging misrepresentations of black womanhood : media, literature and theory by ,Marquita Marie Gammage
book cover for  Black women and popular culture : the conversation continues by adria Goldman,
Book Cover for Red, White, and Black :  Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms
Book Cover: The White Savior Film by Matthew Hughey
Book cover for  Reel inequality : Hollywood actors and racism by Nancy Wang Yuen
Book cover for  Woke gaming : digital challenges to oppression and social injustice  by  Kishonna L Gray
Book Cover for White by Richard Dyer
Sister citizen shame, stereotypes, and black women in america by Melissa Harris-Perry
Book Cover for Black Hollywood Unchained: commentary on the state of Black Hollywood by Ishmael Reed
Book cover for Watching Race: Television and the Struggle for Blackness by Herman Gray
Book cover for Black Mirror by Eric Lott
Book cover for White Negroes: When Cornrows were in Vogue...and Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation by Lauren Michele Jackson
Book cover for Haunted Life by David Marriott
Book cover for Crime, Media, and Reality by Venessa Garcia and Samantha G. Arkerson
Book Cover for Representing Race: Racisms, Ethnicity and the Media by John D. H. Downing
Book Cover: Reel to Race by bell hooks


Podcast Black History Year

Black History Year

Episode: Destroying the Narrative White Hollywood Created

At Liberty

Episode: The Movement to Erase Black History and Culture

Podcast Mentor's Circle

Mentor's Circle

Episode: Unpacking Stories and Stereotypes that Harm Black Women

image art for podcast intersectionality matters

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: Engendering the Politics of the Black Athlete

Podcast At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: How the Olympics Failed Black Women

Podcast Still Processing

Still Processing

Episode: 40 Acres and a Movie

Podcast Black History Year

Black History Year

Episode: Decoding the Racism in Advertising and Entertainment with Professor Gene Shelton

Podcast Code Switch

Code Switch

Episode: From Blackface to Blackfishing

Podcast Hear to slay

Hear to Slay

Episode: Not All Art

Podcast Translash


Episode: Trans Visibility with Leyna Bloom

Podcast Street Politicians

Street Politicians

Episode: Music for the Movement with Rapsody

Podcast Intersectionality Matters

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: #MeToo and Black Women: From Hip Hop to Hollywood

Podcast At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Disability Representation and Identity

Podcast Still Processing

Still Processing

Episode: Reparations for Aunt Jemima!

Podcast Intersectionality Matters

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: Storytelling While Black and Female

Podcast New Hollywood

New Hollywood

Episode: Mj Rodriguez

Podcast #TellBlackStories


An extension of Color Of Change's work to change the rules in Hollywood, and entire media landscape, to ensure accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people.

Podcast Momentum: A Race Forward

Momentum: A Race Forward

Episode: Superheroes and Representation in the Comic Book Universe

Podcast While Black

While Black

Episode: Reclaiming Our Stories w/ Martina Abrahams Ilunga

Podcast Being Seen

Being Seen

Episode: Hollywood

Podcast: Code Switch

Code Switch

Episode: The Racial Reckoning That Wasn't

Podcast Afropunk Solution sessions

AFROPUNK Solution Sessions

Episode: Digital Blackness 2.0