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Systemic Racism

News and Media

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism and News Media, broken down into the following sections:

Key Words for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy

Journalism and News Media: Accountability, Analysis, Citizen Journalism, Communication, Comparative Coverage, Digital Culture, Discourse Control, Framing, Hierarchy, Ideologies, Implicit Bias, Invisibility, Language, Linguistic Bias, Linguistic Representation, Mass Media, Missing-White-Woman Syndrome, News Production, Newsworthiness, Privilege, Protest Repression, Racial Stereotypes, Racialized Media, Representation, Rhetoric, Selection Bias, Social Media, Television News, Unconscious Bias, Victim Blaming, Visual Profiling, Visual Representation, White Nationalist Media


Book Cover for Racism and Media
Book Cover for Bearing Witness While Black: : African Americans, smartphones, and the new protest #Journalism  by Allissa V. Richardson
Book cover for African American Women in the News: Gender, Race, and Class in Journalism by Marian Meyers
Book cover for Crime, Media, and Reality by Venessa Garcia and Samantha G. Arkerson
Book cover for Racism, Sexism, and the Media by Clint C. Wilson II, Felix Gutierrez, and Lena M. Chao

Video Clips

Source: Vox. (2020, June 5). Protests aren't what they look like on TV. YouTube.

Source: CNN. (2021, September 22). How 'missing White woman syndrome' has real life implications. YouTube.

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation. (2020, July 6). Unconscious Bias: do newsrooms struggle to report on race issues? YouTube.


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The Kicker

Episode: Violence Bait

Here & Now

Episode: Journalism Professor Alissa Richardson

Carnegie Council

Episode: Protests in Perspective

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: The Lies They Tell: Mass Media's Complicity in the Age of Disinformation

It's All Journalism

Episode:Journalists aren't as good at covering protests as they may believe

At Liberty

Episode: Policing the Press: A Journalist on the Frontlines

Athletes For Justice

Episode: Dr. Allissa V. Richardson

Bearing Witness While Black

The Kicker

Episode: Racism, Atlanta, and the Race for a Narrative

On the Media

Episode: The View From Everywhere

The Daily

Episode: The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is Oxford University's international research centre in the comparative study of news media.

The Kicker

Episode: Inside the toxic mediasphere of Black exceptionalism

The View From Somewhere

All journalists have a view from somewhere, and ”objective” journalism often upholds status quo thinking and reinforces racism, sexism, and transphobia.