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Systemic Racism

Technology and Big Data

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism and Technology, broken down into the following sections:

Issues in Technology:  Algorithmic Bias, Automated Decision-making Tools, Big Data, Censorship, Eugenics, Data Sharing, Discriminatory Design, Digital Colonialism, Digital Divide, Facial Recognition, Geospatial Policing, Predictive Policing, Scientific Racism, Racial Coding, Racialized Surveillance, Regulation, Shadow Banning

Keywords for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Discrimination, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy 

Video Clips

Source: The Laura Flanders Show (2019, January). Automating Inequality: Virginia Eubanks. YouTube.

Source: BBC Reel. (2021, June 4). What is Data Colonialism? YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2021, March 31). Are We Automating Racism? YouTube.

Source: AJ+. (2018, June 5.) Why You Should Worry About Facial Recognition Software. YouTube.

Source: Vera Institute of Justice. (2018, March 26). Sarah Brayne on Police Surveillance in the Age of Big Data. YouTube.

Source: TED. (2018, October 18). How To Stop Artificial Intelligence From Marginalizing Communities? | Timnit Gebru. YouTube.

Source: TEDx. (2014, April 18). How biased are our algorithms? | Safiya Umoja Noble. YouTube.


book cover for  Predict and Surveil : Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing Brayne, Sarah.
Book cover for Race After Technology by Ruha Benjamin
Book cover for Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism by Safiya Umoja Noble
Book cover for the Rise of Big Data Policing by Andrew G. Ferguson
book cover for  Data power : radical geographies of control and resistance by jim Thatcher
Book cover for  Automating inequality : how high-tech tools profile, police, and punish the poor by Virginia Eubanks
book cover for  Discriminating data : correlation, neighborhoods, and the new politics of recognition  by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
book cover for  The costs of connection : how data is colonizing human life and appropriating it for capitalism by nick Couldry
Book cover for Dark Matters by Simone Browne
book cover for  Digital divisions : how schools create inequality in the tech era by Matthew Rafalow
book cover for  The digital edge : how Black and Latino youth navigate digital inequality by Craig Watkins
book cover for  Criminal futures : predictive policing and everyday police work by Simon Egbert
Book cover for Camera Power by Mary D. Fan
Book cover for Captivating Technology by Ruha Benjamin
book cover for  The digital divide : the internet and social inequality in international perspective by Massimo Ragnedda
Boo Cover for An Intelligence in Our Image: The Risks of Bias and Errors in Artificial Intelligence
Book cover for Digitize and Punish: Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age by Brian Jefferson
Book Cover for Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-first Century  by Dorothy Roberts
Book Cover for Superior: The Return of Race Science by Angela Saini
Book Cover for The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation After the Genome  by Alondra Nelson
Book Cover for Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology
Book Cover for Digital Sociologies
Book Cover for Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present
Book Cover for The Myth of Digital Democracy by Matthew Hindman
book cover for  Intersectional tech : Black users in digital gaming by Kishonna Gray
Book Cover for Is Science Racist? (Debating Race) by Jonathan Marks


podcast: at liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Google This: Algorithmic Oppression

podcast: Cite Black Women

Cite Black Women

Episode: Race, Technology and Abolition

Podcast: U Albany New Podcast

U Albany New Podcast

Episode: Automating Inequality, with Virginia Eubanks

image for podcast race and regulation

Race and Regulation

Episode: Racial Equity and Data Privacy

Podcast: At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Glitch in the Code: Black Girls and Algorithmic Justice

Podcat: Get wired

Get Wired

Episode: The Racist History of Surveillance Tech

Podcast: Data and Society

Data and Society

Episode: Data and Racial Capitalism

Podcast for Interstitial


Episode: Digitize and Punish

Podcast for At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Meet the Students Who Are Taking on Comcast

Podcast: Reasonably Speaking

Reasonably Speaking

Episode: Race and Predictive Policing

Podcast: Data and Society

Data and Society

Episode: Race After Technology


Podcast: At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: The Threat of Facial Recognition

Podcast: Data and Society

Data and Society

Episode: Lawgorithms

Podcast: At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Discrimination in the Digital Age


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