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The Cold War - Government Sources

What's in This Guide?

Hello! My name is Angela Bonnell, the Government Documents Librarian at Milner Library. This guide will help you locate government documents covering the Cold War. Searching in Milner Library's catalog yields a variety of sources from all branches of the government. Look to the left of this course guide to identify additional print and online primary source materials from databases.

  • Resources from the U.S. State Department
    This page highlights two longstanding series from the United States Department of State relevant to the Cold War.
  • Hearings from the House Un-American Committee (HUAC)
    This page links to access to the House Un-American Committee, created to investigate alleged Nazi subversion, Communists and domestic far-right groups, and alleged disloyalty of private citizens and public employees.
  • Declassified Documents
    The page provides access to physical and online government information once considered classified but now declassified.
  • Cold War Era Events
    This page provides sample topics leading to government documents relevant to the Cold War.
  • Other Sources
    The page links to sources from university and government sites with full text sources covering the Cold War.

Government Documents

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