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The Cold War - Government Sources

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Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
Floor 4 Documents Stacks, Call Number DOC. S 1.1: date

Selected volumes online from the State Department

This series encompasses over 500 volumes and is arranged chronologically by Presidential Administrations with volumes further organized by country or region. FRUS serves as the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Memos and correspondence are reproduced between U.S. ambassadors and other Department of State staff and Washington after their declassification--typically 30 years after the event.

Department of State Bulletin (1939-1989), continued by Dispatch, 1990-1999. (Ceased publication)
Floor 4 Documents Stacks, Call Number DOC. S 1.3/5:

The record of official activities dealing with U.S. Foreign affairs. Contains major speeches, congressional testimony, fact sheets, policy statements, current treaty actions. Dispatch supplements often reprint the text of major documents, such as treaties. A weekly publication 1990-1996; monthly, 1997-1999.

  • From Milner Library's homepage, click on the “Database” tab and type in the search box “HeinOnline”
  • Click on the “HeinOnline” result
  • Select Journals and Periodicals
  • Click on “Law Journal Library”
  • Search for “Department of State Bulletin” or click "D" and scroll down to it
  • Click on the title to expand it and you will have an option to search through each individual year or search the whole publication for keywords.

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