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Helpful Links for APA Style

APA Reference Page

Source: University of Louisville Writing Center. (n.d.). APA References 7th Edition. YouTube Channel.

APA In-Text Citations

Source: University of Louisville Writing Center. (n.d.). APA Style 7th Edition In-Text Citations. YouTube Channel.

APA Best Practices

APA style method is important for

  • helping the reader go directly to the original source that the writer used or quoted when writing the paper or text;
  • providing credit to the original source when
    • paraphrasing,
    • summarizing, or
    • directly quoting

Source Management Tools

Source management tools are very helpful for saving, storing, and sharing articles you find. As you work class projects, make a habit of exporting evidence-based articles you find into a source management program. From most source management tools, you can create a reference page, access PDFs, and add annotations.

This guide will give you additional information and guidance.