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Creative Technologies

This guide is a starting point for Creative Technologies projects and research.

Creative Technologies Call Numbers

Creative Technologies Call Numbers

GV 1203-1220.8: Children's Games
GV 1232-1299: Card Games
GV 1312-1469: Board Games
GV 1469.15-1469.62: Computer Games. Video Games. Fantasy Games

QA 75.5-76.95: Computer Science
TK 5101-6720: Telecommunication
TK 7885-7895: Computer Engineering. Computer Hardware
TK 8300-8360: Photoelectronic Devices

M 5-1480: Instrumental Music
M 1495-2199: Vocal Music
ML 159-3785: Music History and Criticism
ML 3805-3817: Physics and Acoustics
MT 40-67: Composition. Elements and techniques of music
MT 955-956: Musical Theater

N: Visual Arts
NA: Architecture
NB: Sculpture
NC: Drawing. Design. Illustration
ND: Painting
NE: Print Media
NK: Decorative Arts
NX: Art In General

PN 1630: General Works
PN 1660-1693: Technique of Dramatic Composition
PN 1707: Criticism
PN 1720-1861: Drama History
PN 1991-1991.9 Radio
PN 1992-1992.92 Television
PN 1993-1999 Motion Pictures
PN 2074: Theater as a Profession
PN 2085-2091: The Stage and Accessories
PN 2091.E4: Electric Devices; Stage Lighting
PN 2091.S6: Sound Effects
PN 2091.S8: Stage Settings; Scenery
PN 2100-2193: Theater History
PN 2219.3-3030: Special Regions or Countries