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Global/Transnational Research at ISU



There are many different ways to search the Milner Library Catalog for books about different subject areas across different countries or cultures.

If you want to find books about a particular topic in a specific country:

  1. Enter the name of a country in one box and leave the dropdown set to Keyword.
  2. Enter the topic you want to explore in another box and change the dropdown to subject


If you want to find books about a topic across multiple countries or cultures:

  1. Try using keywords such as multicultural, transcultural, transnational, or global in the top box with the dropdown set to Keyword.
  2. Enter the topic you want to explore in the bottom box and set the dropdown to Subject. 

Reference books can be a great place to start when beginning research on a new topic. Examples of reference books are dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other types of broad overview titles.

There are databases of reference sources listed in the General/Multi-Disciple tab in the databases box in the Databases/Articles section of this guide.  This tab is meant to help you find books available in Milner's catalog.

  1. From the advanced search page, enter search terms that describe your topic. Reference book titles are very broad, and your search terms should match that broadness.
  2. This takes you to the results page. You can further limit your results to just the items which can be found in Milner's Reference Collection. On the right side side of the page is the Location dropdown menu. Select Floor 2 Reference to limit results just to reference books.  

image of search results catalog, highlighting location feature

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