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Source Management

Milner has resources for a couple different online research management tools designed to help researchers (at all levels) easily gather, organize, store, share, and cite sources. You can create a references list, do in-text citing, and share sources.

Milner Library provides a general guide to source management as well as specific guides to two different source management tools, Zotero and EndNote.


Source Management at Milner Library

Zotero Guide

EndNote Guide


Anatomy of an APA Citation from Dalhousie University

APA In-Text Citations

APA Best Practices

APA style method is important for

  • helping the reader go directly to the original source that the writer used or quoted when writing the paper or text;
  • providing credit to the original source when
    • paraphrasing,
    • summarizing, or
    • directly quoting

Helpful Links for APA Style


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