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Google Scholar: Google Scholar Help for Students

This guide tells how to connect your Google Scholar account to Milner Library's Find It.

Connecting Google Scholar to Milner's Find It

How to Show Milner's Find It Link in Google Scholar

You can make the Milner Library Find It link appear in your Google Scholar search results, so that you can click it to find out if Milner has print or online access to articles you found on Google Scholar. If Milner does not have access, submit an Interlibrary Loan request (a FREE service). Most Find It menus have an Interlibrary Loan option that you can use to login to interlibrary loan, which will pre-fill the request form with the information for your article.  You can also login to your Milner Library Interlibrary Loan account and fill out a request form.

  1. Go to Google Scholar, click Sign In, and login with your Google account username and password.
  2. Click the icon showing three horizontal bars  in the upper left corner of the screen to get the Google Scholar menu.
  3. Click Settings.
    NOTE: My library is NOT related to connecting Google Scholar to Milner Library.  Instead, it is your personal collection of saved search results.

  4. Click Library links from the left.

  5. Enter Illinois State University in the search box and click the magnifying glass
  6. University names will appear beneath the search box.  To use the version of Find It that links to the new Milner Library catalog and article searching platform, check the box next to Illinois State University (ISU) - Normal, IL - Find It @ ISU. Click Save.
  • If Open WorldCat is listed by default under the search box, uncheck it to reduce confusion in your results list
  • The Illinois State University - Find It @ ISU links to the old Milner Library catalog and articles searching platform, which will become unavailable starting October 30, 2020.


Locating the Milner Find It Link in Your Google Scholar Results

When you search Google Scholar, you should now see a Find It @ ISU link next to many of the search results, which usually indicates that Milner Library has online full text access to those articles:

For some results, the link may be hidden, which usually means that Milner has only print access to an item, or Milner does not have access in print or online and the item may be requested via interlibrary loan.  Click the double arrow icon at the bottom of the article listing next to the links about citations and versions:

You should then see the Find It @ ISU link next to the double arrow icon:

NOTE: Books do not have a Find It @ ISU link in Google Scholar.  To look for access to a book that you find on Google Scholar, try checking the Milner Library Catalog and I-Share Catalog.

Generating Result Reference List

Like many of the library's databases, Google Scholar offers an icon that you can click to generate a reference for a source that you would like to use in your research.

Click the quotation marks icon underneath a search result:

You will then get a citation popup, where you will see citations for the source in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.  There are also links at the bottom to export the reference to four different types of source management tools:

  • BibTex - Opens a new tab with code that you can copy and paste into the BibTex/LaTex formatting system.
  • EndNote - Creates a .enw file that you can save to your computer and upload to EndNote.
  • RefMan - Creates a .ris file that you can save to your computer and upload to source managers such as Zotero.

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