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Internet of Things Product Development

This is designed to help you with your MKT 338 project: creating a marketing plan for the Internet of ThingsThe "Internet of Things" is a concept that develops as more and more devices have internet access. What was once limited to computers has now expanded to phones and watches, and will continue to expand to cars, refrigerators, and many other products. This new industry and concept is the focus of your project. 

You can find Industry Profiles, Books, and Articles on the IoT in the tabs to the right of this one.

The Internet of Things will not yet have its own industry report in most sites you visit. Instead, you'll have to look at a) the specific industry of the product that you are developing, b) suppliers of sensors, processors, and networkers, and c) the internet provider industry in general. 

Three sources of excellent industry information: 

IBISWorld: Here you'll find in-depth industry reports, US ratings reports, and business environment profiles. You can search by company, product, industry, or NAICS code. Be sure to investigate as much as possible.

Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage: You can find industry overviews, market information, and company profiles and analysis here. The S&P Outlook often has good industry analysis and covers topical issues, but there is no way to search the issues at the moment. 

ABI/INFORM Global and Business Source Complete: These are databases where you can find articles, reports, and news about the Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT in some sources. You can also search with multiple terms (e.g., "television" AND "IoT") which may help your search results. In both, you can scroll down the page and narrow by "Document Type" to Industry overview or industry report. 

Here are some tips when searching for articles in Business Source Complete, ABI/INFORM Global, or technology databases:

1. Use "internet of things" and "IoT". Keep an eye out for alternative phrases that refer to the internet of things and use those in your next search as well. 

2. Remember to search for your industry, sensor, processor, and networking hardware manufacturing, and internet service providers.

3. In order to maximize search results, truncate words like "publishing" or "development" into publish* and develop*. This will bring back all variations of "publish" including publish, publishing, published, etc. This way you don't have to search for each one individually.

4. If you find a useful article, check through the citations to see if any of those look good. Remember, with enough time (several weeks), we can usually find articles for you even if we don't have them.

5. If you've used all of these and are still having trouble, feel free to contact me at I'll be happy to help you out.

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