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Scholarly Communication

This guide describes services of Milner Library's scholarly communication program, and provides links to resources related to academic publishing, copyright, and open educational content.

What is ISU ReD?

ISU ReD: Research and eData is a digital repository of the work of faculty, staff, and students at Illinois State University. This online archive preserves, promotes, and provides open access to the scholarly and creative output of the University.

Access ISU ReD at

What is in ISU ReD?

What are the Benefits of Including My Work in ISU ReD?

Flexible deposit options. Authors can submit their works themselves, or Milner Library can deposit on behalf of authors. Contact the scholarly communication librarian for more information.

More people will read your work. Because ISU ReD is an open-access repository, anyone with an Internet connection will be able to read works that are included in ISU ReD. Search engines like Google and Bing easily find works in ISU ReD and rank them highly in search results.

Monthly readership statistics. Authors receive monthly reports from ISU ReD that detail how many times their works have been viewed and downloaded.

Persistent URLs. ISU ReD provides permanent links to authors' works so they can confidently share URLs on curriculum vitae and websites.

All your work is in one place. ISU ReD allows authors to archive their works in a single system, making it easier to track and share their productivity.