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Politics & Government: Finding Articles/Journals

Use this guide to help with your political science research.

Politics and Government Journals

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Poltics and Government Databases

Milner Library has access to several more  Political Science databases. Check them out!

PolicyArchive is also a great resource for Political Science articles.

Using LexisNexis to find Newspaper Articles by Subject:

Start from the Milner homepage. Click the Lists of Databases link from either the Combined Search or Article Search tabs in the main search box.


This will open a new page. You must wait for the page to load completely. Once the Subjects tab has finished loaded, click the By Title tab. Click the L-M link, and find Nexis Uni link.


This will load the LexisNexis homepage. There are four ways you can search for news from the homepage. Of course, you can use the basic search box. You can also use one of the three alternatives below.

  1. Advanced Search:
  2. Hot Topics:
  3. Search the News:


Option 1: Advanced Search

This is very similar to a traditional advanced search engine. You can specify search terms, a range of publication dates, select a particular content type (you will want to select Newspapers), or search for a specific source (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.). You will need to click Apply first, then click Search on the main search page.


Option 2: Hot Topics

This feature allows you to browse the events that are new and popular. You can either click the "Today's Front Page News" link to browse the front pages of newspapers, or you can click one of the topical links to browse the newspapers that are covering that particular topic.


Option 3: Search the News

This option is a compromise between options one and two. The first box can be used as a basic search box, then you can select from basic formats.  Each source type will break results down into major news formats. For example, the Major World Publications source will limit results to only major news organizations, and Newspapers will expand that search to all news publications to which LexisNexis subscribes.


Results List

Once you've chosen your search format and completed a search, a results list will come up. From this page, you can limit your results by several categories. For example, you can specify the type of source (newspapers, blogs, etc.), or by a specific publication. You can also specify your results by a list of subjects. Furthermore, you can change the order in which you see the results. Rather than by relevance, you can sort by the most recent or oldest articles. From this page, click the title of a specific article to read the full text.

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