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HSC 206 - Global Health

Hello and welcome to the guide for Health Sciences course number 206: Global Health.

Children's Refugee Health Crisis

This page provides examples of books from the Teaching Materials Center on or related to the topic of the children refugee health crisis. 

Example Picture Books

The Moon from Dehradun
My Name Is Bana
The Library Bus
The Paper Boat
Lubna and Pebble
The Treasure Box
The Journey

Example Fiction Books

The Next New Syrian Girl
As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow
The Bluest Sky
The Year the Maps Changed
We Are All We Have
We Are Wolves
Samira Surfs

Example Graphic Novels

Example Biographies

Don't Look Back
Yusra Swims
The Cat I Never Named

Example Nonfiction Books

Drawn Across Borders: True Stories of Human Migration
Like a Dandelion

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Teaching Materials Center

This guide is starting point for anyone seeking to learn about the resources available in the Teaching Materials Center. This includes: what general resources are available, how to find specific resources, and how to access materials.